Sales Support Prototypes


Company: Accenture

Year: 2013

Role: UX designer

Part of my work at Accenture was to ensure that the sales team had the support and material necessary to present new ideas and proposals to our clients.


To support our sales team during a pitch for a utilities company, we created 3 prototypes. These worked as a proof of concept for an innovative solution for a common problem in the industry. 


With limited time and no developers we decided to create Axure prototypes to emulate the experience.

We started the project by gathering requirements from the senior account leads. They provided us with the context and business requirements necessary to kick off the process. For the user requirements we had to rely on online research and expert opinions. However, since the project wasn’t aimed at being developed and used, not having user requirements wasn’t necessarily a huge problem.

We then proceeded to organise design workshops with the client teams. Through these we understood better their view of the problem based on their knowledge and expertise in the sector. 

We created concepts and journeys and iterated on them until we covered all the requirements. We then proceeded to create wireframes and kick off the visual design work. Working in parallel with the visual designer, my UX colleague and I created the prototypes with the main interactions and transitions. 

To finalise the project we added the visual design assets into the prototype and wrapped it using phone gap. 

It was a fast paced (6 weeks), collaborative and highly satisfying piece of work. 

One of the main challenges was working without client or user input. However, the prototypes were very successful for the purposes of the meeting; some attendees of the meeting even thought they were interacting with real apps.

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